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DAREU Purple Gold tactile mechanical switches coming soon

Mechanical keyboards are already the first choice for every PC user, regardless of whether they are intended for gaming or just for pure typing. But finding the ideal combination of keycaps and switches is a pretty advanced alchemy lesson. There are tons of great mechanical switches to choose from, with varying levels of travel, tactile feedback, and overall feel. And the experts of the DAREU brand are about to release a new interesting switch model. It will be called Purple Gold and is said to be a great option for the premium segment.

The new DAREU Purple Gold switch will adopt a “brown” tactile feel and soft sound. It will also bring a new update to the stem with better movement and less wobble and vibration. If we go by exact numbers, it will have a release force of about 45±8gf and a force of 55±8gf for touchdown. The actuation point is 2.1 ± 0.3 mm with a total key travel of around 3.8 ± 0.2 mm. The new switch also boasts an improved precision mold cavity structure and gold-plated springs. The improved lifespan of around 80 million keystrokes is also not to be scoffed at.


And what about the design? DAREU Purple Gold switches have a fully transparent polycarbonate outer cover with a purple base. The stem is yellow in color and the combination looks quite unique. It will surely catch everyone’s eye at first sight. The first keyboard with the new switch model is said to be the DAREU A87 Pro, which will be available shortly. But of course the switches will also be available individually for other keyboard models. The mechanical keyboard experts at Mechkeys will surely have them in stock soon. Until then, you can check everything else from the DAREU portfolio.


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